Turning Japanese...

(I think I'm turning Japanese, I really think so...)

Our famous Courtyard Room is now called the Japanese Courtyard Room. The decking and hot tub have gone and the room's adjoining private courtyard has been transformed into a stunning and beautifully calming Japanese garden with a wooden Japanese bath tub for soaking, relaxing and meditating, in a peaceful space adorned with a water feature, simple Asian planting and an electric awning to create a private, secret cocoon.

Please visit the Japanese Courtyard Room page for more information about the room.

Nineteen's Japanese Inspiration

Our owner Mark has been to Japan many times for business and pleasure and in 2015 he took Arif on a holiday to Tokyo, Kyoto, Hiroshima and Nagano Prefecture's Yudanaka. They both loved the Japanese culture, people and food and took lots of photos of small gardens to inspire the designer they appointed to build Nineteen's Japanese Courtyard.

Mark ordered two Noren from a traditional maker in Kyoto - the annotated pieces of fabric which hang outside traditional Japanese businesses (especially restaurants) - to hang in the Courtyard.

Nineteen Noren Illustration

One Noren (above left) says Nineteen (Jeukyu) in Japanese, and the other is a replica of the Noren at Jeugiya, an incredible private guest house Mark and Arif stayed in Kyoto. "Jeugiya" in Japanese means a business which can be wonderful in ten occasions (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, when it's sunny, raining, windy, hazy, early morning and late evening), drawing on a concept developed by the 17th Century Chinese writer Li Yu and developed in Kyoto's Busan Yosa.

We heartily commend you to visit Japan for a truly different and exciting holiday experience. You will most likely fly to Tokyo, but do try to visit the former capital Kyoto which is brimming with UNESCO World Heritage sites, and which is home to the beautiful Jeugiya, a refurbished old Japanese house, where you will be the only guests, and the warm Muta family look after you from their home next door.